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Date Posted: December 8th, 2017, 9:50 pm
"Despite this mask of happiness

I drown in dark despair

The world may be your canvas

What you paint on it BEWARE"

                - Can't be Erased ~ BATNM
FELIX! are you seriously listening to that song again????

Author Notes

Okay so to sum it up: Sum up of Fluor,:
#1, she's stands for me basicly,
-Felix didn't dare sniff her if you didn't notice,-

Sum up for Hazelflight,:
she's tiny,
she smells like Peanutbutter, -acording to Felix,-
not the smartest,

Sum up for Lewis:, {i decided to introduce him in this,}
he's a nerd,
he smells like old books, -acording to Felix-,
apperently socialy awkward,
and slightly snob-ish,
looks like a girl,

Sum up for Trax:
needs to learn when to shut up,
speaks terriable Pig Latin,
smells like Cheese, -acording to Felix..., and Fluor-,
his full name is apparently, Tranix

Sum up for Felix:,
apperently he's made of ink,
he can't speak, only make bird-ish, noises... unless if he takes of-,*slapped by Felix*,
his expriession never changes from his 'little' smile there unless.., uh,,, -the statment before-,
he fricking creeps people out,
friendly on the outside,
dark mind and thoughts,
smells like a fresh Newspaper, -according to Trax-,

--------Random Funfact!--------
i've had Hazelflight, Lewis, and Trax for years, they've just gone through a lot
of redesigns, which I will possibly post soon so you can see the improvment in
there designs
{XDDD idk if anyone else's computer can do this but if you right click on the words in the comment above and click 'Read aloud' its hilarious}
2018: Pfffffffft this is so outdated XD


is it just me or in the comment above you didn't capitalize the I's like you usually do?

@WildfireK: eh... I guess I got lazy its Friday gimmie a brake, grammar. XD
I just love how they all were sniffing each other XD
@HollyTheFluffyCat: yep, they're weirdos XD
Holy chicken strips, this is so dang old man.